Exhibition Open Lab #3:


Travail réalisé dans le cadre du projet deuxième année 2011 à l'école supérieure d'art d'Aix-en-Provence.

Theme project: "Communicating Objects"


Purpose note:

TypeWriterBot examines the relationship we can have with machines but also the definition of discussion today. In our time, conversation via social networks has become commonplace and completely normal... It is on this that I wanted to focus. By using a typewriter we accentuate the embarassment but also the surprise and thought-process of the user

Exhibition at La Maison Numerique of 6 to 12 May 2011.

"This project intends to question the relationship between form andfunction of the object, thereby creating a communicating object,whether an everyday object that will be revisited, expanded,improved, converted, embezzled or object completely new andinnovative. This subject of "intelligent" to communicate itsenvironmental information from its manipulation or its interactionwith the viewer."

Olivetti typewriter, Pinguinos.


First Test Pinguino: